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Clockwork Conscience's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Clockwork Conscience

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Okay, by the way... [31 Oct 2002|07:29pm]

[ mood | awake ]

NaNo starts in under 5 hours! ...Not that I'll be starting then, because I'll probably be asleep. But... soon!

And to those of you who are simply watching this journal... you won't see anything, because I'll be posting the actual story friends-only, meaning only members of the community can see it. So if you do actually want to read the story, you'll need to click here to join the community.

I made it like this, basically, so people can add themselves and remove themselves at their leisure, without having to wait for me to notice that they started watching the journal to add them to the friends list so they can see it.

So uh... enjoy, and stuff. But you won't be seeing anything more here unless you click that above link. ...That sounds threatening or something. Bah. ;) I just noticed a couple people were watching without being members, which would mean I'd end up looking like a real slacker to them. ;)

And I need a NaNo icon for this thing. Hmm...

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Preliminary character list [20 Oct 2002|02:05pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

I was bored and decided to play with dollmakers the other night, and decided to make my main NaNo novel characters. Surprisingly, I actually was able to come pretty close to what I was envisioning. Thank goodness, because I'm too lazy to draw them right now.

The setting, for the record, is a sort of near-future wherein some technologies have advanced a great deal, such as detailed artificial intelligence, while some haven't changed much from what we know now (vehicular transportation, for example). It seems to be hovering on the edge of post-apocalyptic, but I haven't found anything so drastic as that yet. The poor are poorer, while the rich are richer and have more interesting toys, some of which play a fairly large part in this story.

Eldan - Our rather bishounen protagonist, in his early twenties. (Which I suppose actually makes him biseinen, but you know what I mean.) Tall, thin, pale, tends to hide behind dark, almost-casual clothing. Currently an "employee" of an as-of-yet unnamed criminal organization. He's a very talented thief, the best in the company, though he doesn't associate much with anyone there. He never talks about himself or his feelings - he's all about the job, to the point where it's all he has in life.

Regenald Ergusto Dimontae, Esquire - Better known as "Rede", though he uses the full name whenever he can get away with it. No one actually knows if it's his real name, of course. He's slightly older than Eldan and one tier above him in the organization, but doesn't really act like it, except in the way that he spends money. He's a big guy, and can be intimidating, but seldom is - he's very casual anytime business isn't at stake, and treats Eldan as a buddy rather than a subordinate. Whether wearing a designer suit or dressed like a punk, never seen without his shades.

Dea - Saying too much about her would perhaps spoil the beginning of the story. She's rather close to perfect, but not in an arrogant way - on the contrary, she's very naive and knows almost nothing about the world, or how other people's minds work, and always wants to know what they're thinking. And by the way, the jacket she's wearing in that image is Eldan's. ;)

I'll leave this entry public - just to prove that there is and will be content here. Though I may be away from the computer November 1st...

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